上原结衣(英文:Yui Uehara、1989年10月10日-)日本AV女优,是Max-a非常看好的明日之星,虽然身材稍嫌单薄、不过秀气的脸蛋被认为与演艺圈当红女星「新垣结衣」十分相似,于是就以「激似新垣结衣」做宣传点出道。 现改名上原志织。

(English: Yui Uehara, October 10, 1989) Japan’s AV Actress, Max-a is very optimistic about the star of tomorrow, although the body is slightly thin, but delicate face was considered with the entertainment circle popular actress “Aragaki Yuen” is very similar, so to “like a new house” to do publicity debut. Now renamed the original Zhi Zhi.


Name: Uehara

日文名:上原結衣(うえはら ゆい)
Japanese name: Uehara clothing (う え は ら ゆ い)

英文名:Yui Uehara
English name: Yui Uehara

Renamed: on the original Zhi Zhi

Birthday: October 10, 1989

Constellation: Libra

Origin: Japan Niigata Prefecture

Blood type: O type

身長 / 体重:156 cm / ― kg
Length / Weight: 156 cm / – kg

三围:82 – 58 – 82 cm
Measurements: 82 – 58 – 82 cm

Cup: C

Interests: nail

Specialty: make-up

First experience: high school first grade when the contacts on a senior. In his home.

Prehistoric sex experience: the number of 9 people.

AV出演:2010年 –
AV starring: 2010 –




Although the AV industry will be different from time to time will be different themes of the works, but the “star face” seems to never return to the popular. Although there are at least nine of which are not at all nine, but the film is still very keen on the “star face” theme, born in Max-a “the original dress” is the trend of the product, Max-a does not emphasize her What has been done in the past, does not mean that she has any specific function, but directly moved out of “very similar to the original wall” of the signs, and sure enough success, attracted the eyes of the fans.


So the original coat down like a new house like it?

第一个身高就差很多,上原结衣在片商公布的资料中是156公分高,而新垣结衣的资料中却登载有168公分高,所以身高上就有很明显的差距;另外,就脸蛋来看,其实我觉得Max-a算是很有诚意了,他们利用发型、造型尽可能地让上原看起来像新垣,但说真 的虽然有几个角度看起来有些相似,但正面来看还是不像。

The first height difference a lot, the original clothing in the film published by the information is 156 cm high, and the information is published in the new house has 168 cm high, so there is a clear gap between the height; Face look, in fact, I think Max-a be very sincere, and they use the hair, shape as much as possible so that the original look like a new wall, but really though there are several angles look somewhat similar, but positive or Not like.


In fact, the conditions of the original dress itself is not bad, aside from the face of the face of the face of the stars, she is a beauty, and even have a clearer than the face of the face of the face, and not the kind of beautiful photo is not pretty girl, Her works can also see that she has a very delicate features, it seems that there is no special emphasis on her star face needs; but although there are handsome face, but the chest is indeed dull, fly in the ointment it.


But the body is not enough, the original dress can be played back from the acting: once seen that some people say that the original dress is difficult to give sexy sexy, but I think from the beginning of a very short article MaxGirls, the upper Clothing is the same as the other in the Max-a new people have to perform well: Although the body is no Aspect, not too with the mouth of the mouth when the spray when the gimmick, but she will use the trance of the expression and the body twist to make lures The overall effect, although the body of the original coat is not outstanding, but with exquisite face and performance is still very prominent, it is suitable for pure face to send the fans to take.

虽然越过了6支作品的警戒线,不过上原结衣离开Max-a的时间似乎还是到了:在2013年1月发表完「东京メロメロHEART」后,2月她就没在Max-a的发片清单上出现了;虽然上原结衣没有Blog和影迷交流,不过她倒也没让大家等太久,到了2013年2月、她就要前往SOD发片了,这也是继K.M.P的大石のぞ み(大石望)、Alicejapan的望月ちひろ(望月千寻)以及ideapocket的栗林里莉后又吸收了其他片商的专属女优。只是很抱歉,笔者只能确定上原结衣会去SOD发片,至于是换一家公司固定发片还是就此展开单体企划女优的生涯,谁都没有答案。

Although it crossed the work of six works of the cordon, but the original coat left Max-a time seems to have arrived: in January 2013 published “Tokyo メ ロ ー ロ HEART”, in February she did not in the Max-a hair piece The list appeared on; although the original dress without Blog and fans exchange, but she did not let everyone wait too long, to February 2013, she will go to the SOD fat film, which is following the KMP’s stone の み みHope), Alicejapan’s Moonlight ち ひ ろ (Mochizuki Chihiro) and ideapocket chestnut Li Li and then absorbed the other film merchants exclusive actress. Just sorry, the author can only determine the hair will go to the hair of the hair film, as is a company for a fixed film or start this single female girl career career, no one answer.


This means that Max-a in the Iraqi remote (Iraq East far) announced the retreat (7/1) before the debut of the actress off; In fact, we all know that in the East after the withdrawal of the East, Max-a is a small Kurang 々 (small But the face is really very handsome, but from the first film, but the face is not very good, but the face is really pretty, but from the first film Start we can know that she played quite compose, very happy to men playing soy milk in the face, looking at her handsome face on the white turbid liquid overflow, really can make up for her lack of body!


In fact, the actress observed her Max-a issued by the eight works can be found, in addition to imitation Aragaki Yui planning works, Max-a is also the best at its idol attempt to highlight her girl’s taste, hope Can get fans agree.


Although the way to create an idol, but the performance of the original dress is not Sentimental, from the beginning of the screen experience can show that she actually quite into the situation, for the degree of acceptance of Yan X is also high, Said that there should be a selling point; just like a film business hotel, with a new love to forget the old love, although the success of the original dress over the general actress 6 works of the threshold, but only more than 2 works, and finally Or have to switch to run business to continue efforts.


The Max-a has been very optimistic about the stars if you have any flaws, then, in addition to the body is not prominent, I personally vote for “very like a new house” on this point: Although the clothes on the original hair quickly hit the popularity, but in fact is a poison, in fact, the original dress is not like the original wall of the clothing? I personally feel that some, but that is not for business, but should let the fans own mouth Because the market is filled with too much “not like” and “very unlike” star face, like the original dress of this beautiful woman is likely to be because the fans too she is not enough like a new dress So that sales discount, but let the original coat to eat a bored loss. And after determining to leave Max-a,


Do not know to take over the SOD is to continue the star face of the line, or put her when the general actress look?


Of course, the slogan of the “best-like” is to help the future of the works of the plan: like the original dress of the eight works of five works on the cover marked “very like a new house” , Even more than two works directly to the original dress directly spoof Aragaki Yuen works; if listed in January 2013 to imitate the new wall for the Tokyo subway advertising planning “Tokyo メ ロ ー HE HE HE” is the original coat in Max-a The last piece of work, then I think Max-a should want to put the original dress to imitate the beginning to imitate the end of it

Perhaps, the way the star face on the original that is the beginning of the error … …


A beautiful girl with such a beautiful face, can not find any of her pictures, do not know her other information, the original coat of the name is from the new mouth from the coat, very similar to the original cover to cover her too much The Everything is helpless, otherwise, as an idol may be more suitable for her.

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