原纱央莉(日语:はらさおり、英语:Saori Hara、1988年1月1日-)日本AV女优、演员、前偶像。原纱央莉靠着拍AV电影狂赚将近7亿新台币,原纱央莉是一位来自日本的杂志模特和女优,爷爷是德国人,拥有1/4德国血统。无论是脸孔或是身材都无可挑剔。

Original Song Yang Li (Japanese: は ら さ お ri, English: Saori Hara, January 1, 1988 -) Japan AV Actress, actor, former idol. The original yarn Yang Li against the film by the film mad earned nearly 700 million Taiwan dollars, the original yarn Yang Li is a model from Japan and the actress, Grandpa is a German, with 1/4 German descent. Whether it is face or body are impeccable.


Basic Information:


Name: the original yarn Yang Li

日文名:はら さおり
Japanese name: は ら さ お ri

Alias: seven sea ま い, Kato Mom い (real name), ま い (old name)

Nickname: さ お り ん

身高/体重:165 厘米 / ― 公斤
Height / weight: 165 cm / kg

三围:85 – 65 – 85 cm(E罩杯)
Measurements: 85 – 65 – 85 cm (E cup)

Cup: E65

靴码:25 cm
Boots: 25 cm

Blood type: O type

Birthday: January 1, 1988

Occupation: AV Actress

Belong to: SOD

Location: Hiroshima City, Hiroshima City, Japan

从事年期:2009年 –
Year: 2009 –

Sex type: personal sexual intercourse, mouth ejaculation, Yan shot, in the out


2009正式投入AV的演出。根据她自己的说法,她首次拍片时曾经因为过度紧张而导致急性肠胃炎送医。初中二年级的时候从家乡广岛来到了东京,当时的用了“七海まい(ななみ い)”的艺名在演艺界活动,包括电台、电视客串、少女写真等。高中毕业以后,经过了两年的无固定职业的生活后,在2008年度用了现今的艺名再次亮相于公众的眼球之内。

2009 officially put AV performances. According to her own argument, she was the first time because of excessive tension caused by acute gastroenteritis to the doctor. Junior high school sophomore from the hometown of Hiroshima came to Tokyo, then with the “seven sea ま い (な な み い)” stage name in the performing arts activities, including radio, TV guest, girl photo and so on. After graduating from high school, after two years of life without a fixed career, in 2008 with the current stage name once again appeared in the public eye.



The original yarn Yang Li chose to join the AV industry for their own stable job, and chose the SOD as their own owner. In the November 25, 2008 sabra magazine at the time of the original yarn Yang Li column “SAORIchewBE” published in the matter to join AV. At the end of the year, the economy was generally poor, with the impact of Japanese pictorial industry. AV industry now look at this wave of trends in the manufacturers to throw money under the benefits of publicity, with a piece of close to NT $ 350,000 price tag, to persuade 18 photographers to shoot A film. One of the most successful example is the German and Japanese hybrid original yarn Yang Li, because she actually took three AV film on the mad earned nearly 700 million Taiwan dollars, the AV sector that is “miraculous virgin debut.” This also allows many photo actress have to take off the bikini, convert the runway to join the AV industry. She gives the impression that she is pleased to accept sex, and even occasionally the original yarn Yang Li will take the initiative to ask about it, this feeling is very comfortable, like men and girls love deep meaning when the same!

“原纱央莉”是一位在2009年1月以作品“芸能人 原纱央莉 奇迹のAVデビュー”(售价:2980日币)在成人制片公司SOD出道的AV专属女优。

“The original yarn Yang Li” is a January 2009 to the works “Yun Neng Yuan Yang Yi Mi mi の の AV デ ビ ュ ー” (price: 2980 yen) in the adult production company SOD debut AV exclusive actress.


In February 2009, the original yarn Yang Li once decided to withdraw from the AV sector, which makes “SOD” quite nervous, to know the original yarn Yang Li “SOD” is crazy in the ATM machine. The first work on the first month to break through 27 million disc sales, a total of up to 700 million yen in sales.


The original yarn Yang Li’s exit, with her own words, popular enough, want to develop back to the singer. But “SOD” is determined not to promise, so it will be the first time in mid-March 2009 issued the third paycheck raised to 150 million yen (10 million yuan). And it is unprecedented to further reduce the taste, but also further increased the mosaic, which is serious does not meet the current situation of the AV market practice, we can see, “SOD” for her or full of confidence.


Now in the AV industry has been red and purple of the original yarn Yang Li in the entertainment industry is also a good harvest, she participated in the performance of the Japanese comedy film “bacteria island” has also been released in the film she also has a good performance.


In 2010, the original yarn Yang Li and another AV Actress Zhou Xuexiao invited to Hong Kong shooting “3D meat futon of the bliss treasure.” Japanese girl line of the original yarn Yang Li, Zhou Xuexue in August 2, 2010 visit to Hong Kong. Two AV actresses this trip is to shoot 3D version of the adult film “meat futon”. August, the plateau yarn Yang Li and another AV actress Zhou Xuexiao invited to Hong Kong to shoot “the world’s first 3D love movie” 3D meat futon of the bliss treasure.


In March 2011, she suddenly with the Japanese brokerage company to terminate, was the reason for the earthquake is related to the Japanese earthquake, so that she in the flesh, and mental breakdown, decided to withdraw from the AV sector.


April 2011, in the promotion of 3D meat futon blossom treasure suddenly announced because of physical reasons and brokers in advance to terminate the contract, or retreat.


The original yarn Yang Li was born on January 1. Mother was watching “NHK red and white song war”, the pain after the attack was born. It is said that personal information is true and correct. Interest is high temperature yoga, golf, video games, stunts are dance and dance in Bali. Because a quarter of the German descent, has a cold appearance, but the attitude of the speech is very gentle. Original yarn Yang Li original portrait idol.


Winning record
Won the “SKYPE! Adult Award 2010” Best Actress Award.

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